Monday, August 27, 2007

Reaching for the Stars and knowing how to get there!

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This week I am focusing on my goals. Goals help me to maintain focus and not get off track. I learn from my mistakes and rewrite the goals.

I am very easily distracted by the daily issues that come in front of me. This blog being one. The internet being the other. To get what I need accomplished daily one of the things I do is to write a list. If something needs to be done, I write it down and mark it off as completed. Then if time allows, I do the other things that are not required but enhance some of my projects.

When it comes to projects, I work in some of the same manner. When a job is placed in front of me, I plan my days and hours on the different steps of the project. Being that I work with a few clients at the same time, I have to segment my days out in hours. I work with one person for two hours, another project for four hours, and so on. When procrastination comes knocking, do not let it take control. The goal of the job is completion to the clients' satisfaction.

Time management is a crucial part of setting goals. If you set up your days and manage your time efficiently while working on the goals you have written for yourself, you are one step closer to being successfully committed to succeeding at your goals.

Carole DeJarnatt
Alliance Advisors, Inc.

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