Friday, August 10, 2007

I have the POWER

The power of networking that is. I recently met with a videotaping business owner to get some filming done for one of my clients for promotional purposes. It is my natural inclination to ask questions about people's businesses and while speaking with him I am surprised at the lack of contacts he has. I attribute this to lack of networking.

In business it is essential to network. There are many forms of networking. Some of the most common forms are events geared specifically for networking, such as mixers and such; chamber luncheons; and exclusive group functions (leads groups). The non-obvious but still networking is any event you attend for whatever purpose but meet someone whom may have an interest in you or your business.

I belong to a variety of groups not business related, but even at those you are talking with people who will eventually get around to the question of what your occupation is. I look at everything I attend as a networking event. I belong to another club that is of a political mind but for me it is not about the political affiliation, it is about the social and networking aspect. My philosophy is know me, like me, trust me.

This videotaping company I mentioned earlier I met at church. I saw some videos he filmed and found out this was his business. His work was awesome so now I am referring a client of mine to him. This is what networking is all about. Making your presence known but also finding others that will be a great resource to you.

If you do not enjoy the networking aspect of business, change your philosophy. Look at it as a social event. It is not the location but being prepared to talk when asked. Everywhere you go someone is looking for goods and services and it might be what you have to offer. Know me, Like me, Trust me, Use me!

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