Monday, October 29, 2007

Top Ten Week--10 Things I Do Not Like to Do in My Business

While writing the last post (and finding it very difficult), I decided that this week I am going to focus on different Top 10 Lists.

Today's post is the Top 10 things I do not like to do in my business:

  1. Cold-calling--I not only do not like to do it, but I refuse to do it. I tried it once and I failed miserably.
  2. Request Payment from Delinquent Clients--I normally charge up front so do not run across this very often. But occasionally I let one go by due to financial difficulty and then I end up being the collection agency. I have never received a bad testimony so I am assuming they are pleased with the results and working with me. Come on people, give me a break!
  3. Taking care of accounting procedures--I can and have done this but do not share the same enthusiasm as people that are in the profession. I will be delegating all my work in the future.
  4. Writing articles--This is a love/hate relationship. I do like to write when I am being creative but when I have a mental block (which seems to be of late) I feel it is a chore. Should I hire a ghost writer?
  5. Being direct with past clients when they call for more advice without offering payment--Yes, this happens alot with one particular client but I am learning to be firm.
  6. Consistently updating my blog--I do not do a good job of this so frequently you will notice I share articles I receive from a distribution network. I wish I could write good content all the time but sometimes it is better said by others.
  7. Website design and maintenance--I am not a designer but a friend has talked me into trying to educate myself on designing template websites. Not a good idea. Leave the design work to the professionals. I spoke with one today.
  8. Inputting contact information from multiple business cards--I am an excellent typist and this should not take long but I have a large amount of cards that seem to stack up daily. I think this somehow ryhms with procrastination.
  9. Keep the checkbook updated--This is an accounting function isn't it?
  10. Pay bills--Does anyone like to pay bills? I realize they need to be paid and the benefit of maintaining an excellent credit score, but this is just one more reason to not work in your business, instead of on your business.

Make it a goal today to only work on your business!

Carole DeJarnatt
Alliance Advisors, Inc.

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