Saturday, October 13, 2007

A Perfect Ending to a Contract

I have come to the end of a contract with one of my clients. We have spent the last three months focusing on creating marketing material and activities to bring full circle the artwork, book writing, and speaking engagements of the business. Each piece of the business feeds off of each other but in the beginning there was not a clear view of how to successfully promote this.

We met frequently and also spent time on the telephone. A media package was created that was successful in getting an article in the newspaper and also finished off this week with a couple of bookings of speaking engagements for the business in the future.

To me it is the greatest pleasure to see the goals reached at the end of our commitment together. This does not always happen because some efforts takes months to see the outcome of the initiatives, but in this case, we saw it at the very end of our contract.

It should be every businesses goal to achieve the customers' goals. No matter if you are a retail store or a business coach, the goal in business is to create an experience for the customer so when they leave they are singing praises. Customer service at its best.

Even if the client and I had finished our contract without a booking, we still would have accomplished our goals and the client was satisfied. The client realized that it would take time to reap the benefits from the fruits of our labor. The material created to promote the business was the goal. The booking of an engagement was the benefit.

Make it your goal to create an experience your customer/client will not forget. Can you imagine the testimonies you receive when goals are met? I have received my testimony in writing and plan on putting it on my website soon!

Go out and create a pleasing customer experience!

Carole DeJarnatt
Alliance Advisors, Inc.

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