Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Five Marketing Strategies for Business Growth

Many small businesses today have an idea and start a business with high hopes and a dream. Once they have started their business they take advice of friends and business acquaintances and start the conventional marketing process that was suggested. They join the Chamber of Commerce, a BNI group, search out other networking groups, find venues with the ability to meet others; these are common suggestions.

Many do not consider the internet options available to promote their business. The internet has added a whole new arena of promotional activities available to business. Here is a list of venues to promote your business online:

1. Start a Blog—Assuming you have a website, a blog helps to draw traffic and also gives you a venue to add credibility to yourself if you are offering content about topics that you business serves.
2. Search the internet for local websites to add your business listing—There are a variety of options available locally, and the majority free, that helps to bring traffic to your website. Search for your local city websites to view what is offered. The latest I have come across is Merchant Circle. This website allows free listings and is updated frequently to add benefits for their listers.
3. Network online, as well as, offline—Become familiar with the Web 2.0 world and join social networking groups online. There is LinkedIn, Ecademy, Xing, and others. No matter what type of network you join, online or offline, become active. Activity online is in the form of answering or asking questions in forums. Activity helps you to build recognition and credibility.
4. Write articles and submit to online resources—Write articles of quality and benefit to your customers. It easily helps you to become an authority in your business and draws traffic to your website. A good resource for submitting articles is Ezinearticles.com.
5. Press Release to promote your business—Hire someone to write a press release about your business. Submit and share updated information about your business to the local newspapers. You can submit this online and offline to various media outlets in your area.

Opportunities exist abundantly for businesses today to market their products and services. Thinking outside of the box to come up with creative ways to market your business and build recognition is a long term, never-ending project. When success is met with one idea, it is on to the next. Be creative, write effectively, and speak energetically about your business. Success is around the corner if you consistently share your message online and offline.

Until the next time,

Carole DeJarnatt
Alliance Advisors, Inc.

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