Sunday, November 4, 2007

Ten Things I like About My Business

I have been slacking this week with the blog entries. I could make all kinds of excuses but let me make my last entry (only other entry) concerning Top 10 and then hopefully do better this coming week.

My last entry I wrote about what I did not like about my business, now I am going to write what I do like about my business as a business coach/advisor:

  1. The freedom to choose with whom you work. When you work for others you have no choice but to work with the people who are put before you. Not as an independent professional--you choose to work with whom you want.
  2. Setting your own hours.--This is another one of those possible love/hate relationships. Even though I set my own hours, sometimes I work late in the night and all weekend. It takes time-management to ensure you do not get burned out.
  3. The ability to network freely. This meaning I go when and where I want to meet the people I need to meet to grow my business.
  4. The sky is the limit on income. I am not on someone's payroll waiting for the next salary increase.
  5. The ability to serve others freely. I am on my own timeclock so if I want to volunteer for events, mentoring, whatever I choose; I do it.
  6. Helping others to reach their goals. When working with my clients, I have enjoyed seeing them meet and exceed their goals. That is what my business is all about.
  7. Learning. I am utilizing many more effective tools to promote my business and myself; email marketing, SEO, blogs, and more.
  8. Building a network and giving referrals. I am surrounded by an excellent network to enable me to help my clients when working with them. I enjoy giving referrals for business to others I know that will take care of my clients.
  9. Receiving referrals. When I receive a referral from a friend, a client, or a person in my network, it is the ultimate compliment.
  10. The relationships I have built. Since starting my business last year, I have built many great relationships and plan on building more. It is great to know and give back to your community.

Carole DeJarnatt
Alliance Advisors, Inc.


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Carole DeJarnatt said...

Thanks for commenting. Be sure to subscribe to my blog and comment on future entries.