Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Why Hire A Coach?

Below is an excerpt from an article I wrote and thought it was worth sharing with my readers. I write these to help build links back to my website and create traffic.

This article is about coaching. I listed some of the benefits to hiring a coach, professional or personal. There are many reasons why you would but being a business coach I am thinking about it from my perspective. These are just some that came to mind. If you read on, you will find that even though our techniques of appliation may be different, our ultimate goal is the same.

Why Hire A Business Coach

When you think of a coach what comes to mind? Is it a sports coach? There is soccer, football, softball, baseball, basketball, to name a few. Professional sports people are very familiar with the benefits of coaching. Most today have one on staff or seek out guidance on various occasions.
What are some benefits of hiring a coach?
  1. Coaches through encouragement and accountability get their players or clients to work harder for peak performance.

  2. Coaches enhance performance through more effective methods or skills they learned or figured out for themselves.

  3. Coaches offer realistic assessment of where you are and how to improve.

  4. Coaches help to identify personal strengths and weaknesses and help you focus on what you do best.

  5. Coaches help you brainstorm for ideas for needed changes and help you plan how to make the change.

There are a variety of coaches for all areas of your life. There are life coaches, organizational coaches, business coaches, sport coaches, executive coaches, career coaches; you name it and you can probably find a coach to suit your needs. The greatest commonality with all of these types is their ultimate goal to help you reach the greatest potential in the area of focus.

To read the full article, click this link Why Hire A Business Coach. If you are reading this and in the coaching profession or have had experiences with a good coach, please share your additional opinions of some of the benefits.

Carole DeJarnatt
Alliance Advisors, Inc.

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