Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Brainstorming for success

If you have read any of my entries of late you will note that I am working on setting up mastermind groups and also attending my own group. Yesterday I attended a coaches roundtable group. The discussion for the day was how to get your book written and published.

We were honored to have a regional director of the Florida's Writers Association among us and he answered and gave direction to many of the questions. There was several questions asked by both sides of the groups. We had editors and ghostwriters in attendance also.

It was a great meeting and very informational. Here is a list of a few of the items I walked away with:

  1. Start your book one page at a time. Even if it takes a year it makes no difference as long as you have progress.
  2. Done is spelled D-O-N. Meaning your first draft does not have to be perfect.
  3. Self-publishing is a quick way to get your book in print.
  4. Ebooks can be a source of income being offered on your website.
  5. Some writers feel business coaches are beneficial partners in business. As a business coach I have a writer and editor friend who I turned to all the time for help and also to do work for me.
  6. Presentations can be taped and then turn into an audio workshop for another source of income on your website.
  7. When hiring a ghostwriter do not assume they will do all the work.
  8. pow100.com a source to sell your book online.
  9. For back of the room sales, ensure your material is something you didn't say at your speaking event to add value for your clients.
  10. Floridawriters.net

I could probably write more but I am going to cut it off here. Do you see the benefit of joining a mastermind group yet? I came away with so many ideas.

On my way home I called my friend who is a ghostwriter and told her I want to start my ebook. I plan on initating at least one of the ideas I walked away with. It may take me six months but I have started.

Start your growth process today and find a group. Some are free and others are not; but no matter which you choose make the most of it.

Carole DeJarnatt
Alliance Advisors, Inc.

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