Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Coaching by Mom

Let me paint the picture for you--son in college, a couple of nights in jail due to drag racing (and not paying a few speeding tickets), and no job. We are not only paying for his college, we are also paying his living expenses. There is a book available called "This is Not the Life I Signed Up For" by Donna Partow and I can relate to the message.

This no-job thing has been going on since Memorial Day when he had his run in with the law. If you have been reading my posts you will note my profession of choice is Business Coaching/Advising. So last weekend I thought, "Why not utilize my skills on my own son?" People pay good money for career coaching and I didn't have any to spare for someone other than me so thought I would give it a shot. It definitely couldn't hurt. Here is a shortened version of our conversation:

(Mom)--Do you know what a Business Coach does?
(Mom)--My job is to help people to find out what holds them back from succeeding on what they are trying to achieve. I am going to be your coach to help you figure out why you are not getting the jobs that you are interviewed for. Pretend like it someone else you are speaking with and you are paying for these phone conversations.
(Mom)--In your interviews of late, why do you think they did not call you back?
(Son)--I Don't know.
(Mom)--Were there other applicants or interviewees present? If so, how did you compare in presentation of yourself?
(Son)--Good. (Good meaning blue jeans and a collared shirt).
(Mom)--Do you think it might be better to show up in khaki's instead of jeans?
(Son)--On a bicycle? (Lost his license).
(Mom)--Yes. Your goal is to outshine anyone present so they will want to hire you on the spot.
(Mom)--If you could identify one behavior or area you need improvement what would it be?
(Son)--I don't know.
(Mom)--Do you want a job?
(Son)--Yes, I need the money.
(Mom)--Money is a good motivator but people want to hire employees because of other factors besides money. How about because you would like to work there, be around other people, enjoy the environment, love hamburgers?(he was applying at Burger King).
(Mom)--Do you like girls?
(Mom)--When interviewing just imagine all the new girls you will meet while working and taking orders. That is a different type of motivation for wanting to work in that venue. Do you understand what I am saying?
(Son)--Yes (very agreeable).

The conversation went on like this for about 20 minutes. At the end of the call I told him he owed me ??? for the 30 minutes of coaching time and gave him a plan of action for the following week. He laughed, I didn't. I just pray it helps.

Here is his goals to be accomplished:

1. Identify one area needing improvement when interviewing or applying for a job and modify.
2. Pay attention to other applicants when applying for a job. Note their appearance, their actions, how they represent themselves to a stranger, etc.
3. Apply for one job daily.
4. Call on Friday to update on progress of goals.

I do not know if this will work or not but I figure it cannot hurt. I will update you when I have more to report and let you know how my test is going.

Are any of the readers having problems finding a job recently or in the past? If so, what turned the key for you? Perhaps I can use your ideas in my coaching with my son.

Carole DeJarnatt
Alliance Advisors, Inc.

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