Saturday, September 8, 2007

Business to Business--No Customer Service

I was speaking with a friend who owns a childrens hair salon the other day and she was expressing her dismay of the business world today. She told me in the past year she has been in business, almost all of her B2B contact has resulted in no follow-up and poor customer service.

She currently has her business listed with a business broker since June and from the day she listed she has not had any contact from them. I guess they have her listing under contract so that is all that mattered. Do they not realize what word-of-mouth advertising she could give for them? What is wrong with this company?! An update would be nice!

She said the same happened with her liability insurance. Where is the agent that signed her up? They must have got the commission and ran. She asked me if I thought this was regional mind set or did I think it was across the US.

I have stated this before, to beat out the competition all you have to do is have excellent customer service. Following up on your orders, meetings, or business interaction, with a phone call makes you outstanding in the eyes of a business owner. Most get the order placed and move on to the next business. Repeat business is the easiest to maintain because all it takes is customer service. You do not have to sell them on your product or service because they already know what you offer and have purchased previously. Now they would like a little TLC--Tender Loving Care!

Recently I was putting together an E-book titled "The Ebook on Customer Service" to offer to new subscribers when signing up for my newsletter. As I was in the process my thoughts were, will people want this? If they do, will they utilize the information in the book? Seriously, I doubt it. But if the information compiled will help just one business owner/manager/entrepreneur have better success when trying to achieve excellence in customer service, I have achieved my goal.

Carole DeJarnatt

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