Friday, January 9, 2009

Learning Internet Marketing and How To Make Money Online

Last year in February I became an intern of an internet marketing guru, Terry Dean. I was excited at the prospect of learning internet marketing and various possible ways of making money online. The intern program was so beneficial to me in just starting me in knowing some of the directions to head.

This past year I made a little money online but not enough to break the bank, if you know what I mean. It wasn't that I didn't learn anything, I did, but when you learn you have to apply. I think I got overwhelmed at the various sources of information and just came to a standstill.

I purchased programs I haven't completed, I've downloaded files that if I could remember what each were for and listen to them I would probably learn a whole lot more. But one thing I did do that I am still doing today that has been the biggest help to me was join Terry Dean's Monthly Mentor Club.

The first thing that I liked about is the fact that it is not an online newsletter. This newsletter is mailed to you. Normally 11 pages long with detail after detail of what to do and how to do it. He gives you step-by-step instruction on how to succeed in this online world. And again, I hold it in my hand not view it on a screen.

I joined in June of last year and when you join you get bonus items. As I stated before the online world is easy to get overwhelmed so I admit I haven't listened to them all. We made a move in September of last year so I canceled my subscription for a month and missed the newsletter so bad that as soon as I landed in my new homestead I renewed my membership.

Don't just take my word for it, here is a copy of a comment left on Terry's blog about his newsletter:

I subscribe to over 6 different print marketing newsletters, and not one of them even comes close to yours in terms of “showing you exactly what to do”. (And let me just say that the December Adwords bonus revealed the best, most advanced tactics on Google Adwords I’ve ever heard.)

When your newsletter goes out, I check my mail daily in anticipation of when it arrives. When it does come, it’s opened, read, highlighted, and put beside my desk for an immediate action plan.

Dr. Michael Beck

I hope it was okay to use his comment as I saw it as a great testimonial to an awesome monthly newsletter and also an opportunity to let my readers know that what I am stating is agreed upon by others.

If you are trying or struggling to learn how to make money in the online world or just have an interest, you should try his newsletter. It is only $20 a month (well really $19.95). I throw that away just buying junk magazines.

The catch is (this is why I am sharing the information/newsletter with you now) it is only that price through January. In February it is increasing to $29.95 but his current members stay at the lower price. So if you are on the fence about subscribing check out his page and it will tell you more about his newsletter and the many benefits. Click here to learn more and subscribe!

Disclaimer: All the links are affiliate links. I only become an affiliate to products I trust and this is one that I truly believe in.

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Lea said...

I do business online and it's my only source of income. Thanks for this article and for sharing about the newsletter. I hope it's worth for my $20. will do more research and might subscribe.