Thursday, June 19, 2008

Reach Out and Learn From Others

I am a big advocate of mentors, mastermind groups, leads groups, networking groups; you name it and I believe in the benefit of meeting others and learning from their experiences. I believe that no matter who you meet, something can be learned from everyone. It could be what not to do or perhaps it could be the next biggest thing to help promote and grow your business.

If you have been reading this blog, you will know I belong to a roundtable group, several networking groups, multiple leads groups, and also facilitate a mastermind group for business owners who want to grow their business. One thing all of these groups have in common is the ability to interact with others and gain knowledge.

In February of this year I was an intern for Terry Dean and his internet business. I actually did some of the steps in his business while learning. What impressed me the most was the integrity that was clearly represented on all of his websites and his willingness to help teach the basics to anyone that was willing to learn.

So after my short time of being an intern I became a subscriber of his Monthly Mentor Club. I had just spent a month learning from him the steps needed to grow (not to mention, him putting up with my not so great efforts) and succeed in internet marketing so I knew any additional information I learned could only be an added benefit and for $20/month and the ability to cancel at any time, what could I loose.

The Terry Dean Monthly Mentor Club is a written newsletter that is mailed monthly to subscribers and is full of information to build and enhance your business. Not only the internet business but any type of business. The information he shares is applicable for anyone wanting to succeed.

Just to give you an example of how much you get for your money, I signed up in May and received April's via email immediately, May's in the mail within days, and just received June's newsletter yesterday. One of the biggest benefits I have received from it so far was the 30-day promotional calendar he exampled in his April newsletter. He detailed the daily steps he utilized to grow his internet business but you can use the same technique in growing any type of business. He called it a 30-day promotional calendar. What type of planning calendar do you have?

In May he wrote about copywriting for sales, website layouts, and much more. Each newsletter is over 11 pages in details of what he has learned by being in business and from what others have taught him. He shares the tools and techniques he used to succeed. This month he gave all his subscribers a free download of one of his new products!

I share this with my readers because this is quality information in a form that everyone can use. If you are struggling and want to learn from someone (internet marketing coach/mentor) who has built a business and now is coaching others to success in internet marketing, then click here to read more from him. Just so you know, this is an affiliate link because I believe in his products and know he gives something of value and benefit to everyone.

Now I not only belong to a mastermind group, leads group, and networking groups; I also belong to a monthly mentor newsletter group!

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