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Benefits of a Thank You Card

I came across this article and thought it was well worth sharing with my readers. The author is right on target when it comes to the ways and benefits of utilizing this means of staying in contact.

I use this type of method on occasion and hope this article gives you some ideas on ways to implement hand written notes.

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The benefit of a Thank you card

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In 1940, Dale Carnegie wrote a classic entitled “How to Win Friends and Influence People”. That book is still worth millions today. Become genuinely interested in others and take note to appreciate their business. In today’s competitive world differentiation is what sets you apart and being genuinely interested is a key differentiator in selling client value. Clients devour conducting business with those they can trust and respect.

One of the simplest methods to appreciate clients is a simple and personal thank you note. In this article I speak of a clearly written hard copy note. Prospective clients are overwhelmed with a myriad of notes, letters and other ridiculous correspondence. Ironically, the influx of electronic communication has pained many. As such, direct mail is on the rise.

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, direct mail in the United States has increased so the suggestion is to follow the trend. Use the United States Postal Service to send correspondence to clients. Refrain from all the electronic correspondence to clients.

Professionals that are different are memorable. Electronic mail comes and goes but hard copy notes last. Although you might save imperative email, they are do not remain in sight since many of you file your emails. However, handwritten notes are placed on credenzas, bookshelves and desks- within view of the prospective client, management, even competitors! These intimate economical cards provide a level of differentiation in today’s competitive market.

You have three options in sending a card:

1. Commercial Printing – If you want to make an impression, have cards professionally designed and die-cut with your corporate name and logo. These are inexpensive and illustrate professionalism bar none.

2. Home – Office Printing – Most home computers and their printers are extremely durable and reliable. Ensure professional design yet also invest in good quality paper.

3. Stock Commercial – Commercial retail provides stock cards for general business and personal use. While not recommended this is a good alternative initially.

In addition to thank you notes, other personal written gestures include:

1. Introductory letters prior to a cold call
2. Follow letters for proposals and contracts
3. Notes for receipt of letters of recommendation
4. Follow up to information when the client does not respond
5. Any imperative data that provides a conduit to a valuable relationship

If you truly illustrate your genuine interest in others and desire more sales with less labor send some form or hard copy written correspondence. I know that what I suggest requires altering behavior; however, if you truly desire more business and want clients to find you there is a need to be different.

Selling is not about money- it is about creating a cadre of clients that speak highly about you creating a flow of business in your direction. Like all things in life, departing the comfort zone requires change. However, if you desire more business then remember this quote from Mahatma Gandhi, “Be the change you want to see.” Take the time today to implement this change and watch your competitive gap widen to increase your sales!

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Drew Stevens said...

Thank you for noticing and grateful that there are others that believe the value of a handwritten note. Ensure success by keeping track of clients with either a hand planner or a good software tool such as ACT, Filemaker Pro or DayLite.

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A hand written note is important and can make a big difference. I am also glad you mentioned this.

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