Sunday, March 30, 2008

New To Me Tool for Online Success

Have you seen the latest tool all the online gurus are using? As I wrote in a separate entry, I am presently in an online intern program and have been shown ways to do presentations and videos with Camtasia Studio.

One of our projects was to record a video using word, or notepad, or a powerpoint presentation. The necessary equipment for this was the program you download and a microphone for recording your voice.

It was so easy. At this moment I am brainstorming ideas of ways to utilize this tool in my practice as a business coach. I believe there are so many possibilities for it.

In our intern project, I had to set up a video and download it to you tube. If you have an interest in checking it out here is a link to it

FYI--The name used in the video was a pen name chosen for my intern program. I'm not saying this is video is good but it was very enlightening. Again it helped me to become aware of the capabilities available to me at a minimal cost. If you are reading this entry and can think of some creative ways to utilize this tool in an offline environment, please comment. I will be working on a list of ways I believe this tool can benefit people offline and share with you once I get it completed.

Again, please leave your ideas or opinions on how this tool could be a benefit in an offline environment. I will be patiently waiting...

Carole DeJarnatt
Alliance Advisors, Inc.


Terry Dean said...

Hi Carole:

As you know, I'm also a business coach. Here are a few ideas for using Camtasia with your clients:
- Use a video when they ask a question that would be easier to explain with a video.
- Create a "member" section of your site for your clients to access all these videos adding value to your program.
- Create weekly or monthly training classes with Powerpoint or screen captures.
- Create a quiz to help illustrate a point (yes you can do quizzes inside the software).


Carole DeJarnatt said...

Thanks Terry for your excellent ideas! I appreciate you stopping by and commenting.