Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ideas for success in hiring an independent sales representative

In an earlier post I mentioned the fact that I have started a mastermind group. In our first session we had one of our CEO's bring forward a situation. He is in search of an independent representative who is not local and would be commissioned base. During our session we came up with several ideas for him to try.

This past Tuesday, Jan. 22nd, we had our second meeting. He came back and reported that he was working with a client of his trying to successfully locate someone to fit his needs. He had been given the idea of working with others in the same industry with him but not the same type of work. Instead he turned it around and went to a client that had become a friend. He was very excited about the potential.

This past meeting we brainstormed another business problem. How to effectively market a service that was geared towards owners of the business. Several suggestions were given and now the task is upon the person to follow through on one or two. I will be holding them accountable for their initiatives by following up next week.

Before the accountant had asked me to facilitate this group, I had never thought about a mastermind group. Now I am facilitating one but also joining two. The ideas of getting help from many is very appealing to me.

Again, I urge you the reader, if you are stuck in a rut and need someone to help you to meet the goals you are planning, find a group. Check out their goals and the rules for the group to ensure it fits your needs. It could be one of the best things you will ever commit to for success in your goals.

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Carole DeJarnatt
Alliance Success Group,

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