Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Masterminding + Marketing = Success

When I started the mastermind group earlier this year, my intentions were:
  1. Offer a venue for brainstorming for small business owners
  2. Grow quickly and close the group
  3. Build relationships and learn from others
I have accomplished my original intention. Since January of this year we are meeting twice a month and have consistently done so.

The group has not grown as quickly as I had planned or expected. Perhaps my expectations were a little unrealistic but I had always heard and thought there were many business owners out there who were lonely at the top and would appreciate the opportunity to join a group as such. Whatever the reasons, we are still in the growing stage.

My third intention has definitely met my expectations. I have three attending regularly at this time and I thoroughly enjoy the time we spend together as a group. I learn from each as they share their experiences, and as a facilitator, I gladly share information and resources that I believe are beneficial to all.

Marketing for Success

Today our meeting was focused on marketing their businesses. I researched and gathered materials for everyone to share effective methods to market online and offline, locally and nationally. One of the most important details shared today was consistency reaped rewards.

One of the members shared how she sent out direct mail letters weekly. She said it is amazing how many calls she will get six months later telling her they saved her information in case they needed her services.

I cannot stress enough the value of masterminding and brainstorming with others of like-mindedness. The other members have already made a plan to start initiating direct-mail letters in their businesses. The rewards are not just in learning but in applying what you learn.

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