Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Identifying Your Missing Pieces

This morning I was reading a recap to a Bible study and it related to how God knows all of the pieces to our puzzles in life because He can see the whole picture and how sometimes we only look at what is presently in front of us instead of keeping our eye on the end result. It got me to thinking about this project I am working on and how puzzling it is and how I need to find the pieces to effectively develop the end result.

How Do You View Your Puzzle

How do you look at the situations around you? Are you looking at it by what is directly in front of you or are you considering the whole picture, the end result?

Some people can take one piece of something and visualize something big and wonderful. There are others who hold a piece and can only see the piece and need a visual, like a puzzle box cover, to show us what the outcome will be. Then there are others who think they see the future goal and start on their puzzle and somewhere along the line lose the motivation, determination, or enthusiasm to finish.

One Piece At A Time

Normally you buy the puzzle because you like the finished product. True? That is why I buy one. I like the picture, the colors, everything about it. Why not start looking at your projects with the finished product in mind?

If we think of our projects as pieces formed together for an end result, it is easier to identify the puzzle pieces. At present I am working on a project that is almost overwhelming to me. I am creating a product, an ebook with long term plans of offering audios to expound upon the subject. I have decided the topic of the ebook and am presently researching, but when I think about the launch process and what must be done to create a smooth transaction process from Paypal, autoresponders, and so forth, I get overwhelmed. Getting overwhelmed causes procrastination and then the project gets pushed to the side burner.

Now if I apply what I am writing about here, I should visualize the end product (I am seeing it now)...and then figure out the steps or pieces it takes to get there and move forward putting the puzzle together. This thought process goes along with a post I wrote earlier this year, Business Plans: Five Ways To Benefit From Your Road Map. No matter if it is a road map or a puzzle, it has the same concept; determine the end result, identify and plan the steps needed, and implement putting all the pieces together.

Now that I have reaffirmed what I need to do, I am headed to start working on my puzzle again, one piece at a time.

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